Issue with Argo Tunnel


Test web server on Ubuntu 16.04.6. Apache2

I am trying to configure my first Argo Tunnel following the admin guide below:

cloudflared has been installed on my origin server and cert.pem key is also available.

If l run “cloudflared --hostname --hello-world” I get the following:

What could cause the connection to stuck?


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I may be blind, but I don’t see errors there except your ^C.

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Hi @matteo

To be honest, l am not quite sure what the expected log output/behaviour should be, but when l attempt to establish a tunnel, nothing happens. The connection gets stuck with the output below (no route propagation etc):


When l try to access the website (the one that should be protected with Argo) no logs displayed in the debug which makes me think traffic is not proxied as expected. PCAP, however, taken from the origin server shows that the connection gets established with Cloudflare (

I have this same issue on one of my domains. cloudflared connects to a CF POP and just sits there. Tunnel never appears in CF dashboard nor does it pass any traffic.

I know it works if l am not specifying my domain:

To me, it’s a backend issue. Have you contacted support?

Ok, it works if you use a subdomain, in my case l used