Issue with Argo Tunnel to run RDP

I have a argo tunnel app running for RDP.
At the server I run the command: cloudflared tunnel --hostname --url rdp://localhost:3389 --name tcrdp01
I will get a couple of errors "Register tunnel error from server side err=“unauthorized: Record for tunnel not found” connIndex=0
It eventually says INF Connection registered 0 (and continues 1-2-3-4) Conn Index 0 location ATL…etc

On the client side i run: start c:\cloudflare\cloudflared.exe access rdp --hostname --url localhost:2224
then a i get the messages:
INF Start Websocket listener host=localhost:2244
ERR failed to connect to origin error=“Empty app domain” originURL=

This has worked for a year, not sure why it stopped working.
I am not on a free plan, i have both a Argo subscription and a Cloudflare Access for Teams.