Issue with ads.txt

Hello, I am receiving this issue below and when I follow what it ask me to do, I keep still receiving the same email again and again that my ads.txt is incorrect

Please help have lost my Ads earnings to zero✓

Your ads.txt file does not appear to be in the correct format on, this may be lowering your ad revenue

You are receiving this alert because you installed the Sulvo app on your Cloudflare account. By not having your ads.txt file in the correct format you may be unknowingly lowering your ad revenue. An ads.txt needs to be accessible at all times for all buyers otherwise many buyers will not be able to buy ads on your site, lowering your prices and overall site earnings.


But they keep sending me the message in that second image.

I can reach the ads.txt file, and I guess it looks good.

That Google Adsense page only lists two complaints, and they’re not a “Must Fix.”

It’s possible the Sulvo app is a false alarm.

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