Issue with adding Page Rules

I tried to enter a duplicate page rule, on purpose, but received an error.


Can you make it so that a user CAN enter the same URL into different Rules? We already have to order rules in priority, so whats the harm in a dupe?
Or perhaps show a warning message that we can bypass. Or flag the duped entry in the list with a simple icon.

The use case is such that I want two rules for the home page of a site.
Rule 1 caches everything for a day.
Rule 2 bypasses cache and performance. (almost like a one-page Dev Mode)
Then I easily toggle which one I need,
This way I can make a change and see it in the generated source without interrupting the entire site (dev mode), fiddling with url variables, purging and waiting, etc.

Thank you in advance for considering.

Similar to:

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Only issue I could see is that both couldn’t be active at one time or it would confuse more people than it would help. Will pass it along.

Based on the Propriety Ordering system/rule already in place, it’s not different than any other rules that may not trigger. And with a small :small_red_triangle: icon, the dupe can be denoted. This is actually a clearer way to see if a Rule won’t trigger - compared to the current system.

I just found this, too…