Issue with accessing sites that are using cloudflare dns via airtel broadband India

is any one else facing the issue that websites which are being hosted via cloudflare dns server are not opening on airtel broadband in India… Can someone confirm this.

Thats’ the ping and traceroute to one of my websites hosted via cloudflare.
I’ve tried using different dns even , websites work fine with another ISP on same devices and via proxy.

Hi @bikker00,

Just wondering if you managed to get this sorted?

If not, can you confirm if this is an issue with other websites on Cloudflare too, but that other sites work OK?

Perhaps there is someone else here with that provider who can confirm.

I guess you’ve read this:

Looks like Cloudflare is using an ISP in India which in turn is sniffed by it’s upstream - Airtel.

I tried enabling ESNI & DNSSEC and despite that couldn’t bypass the GET requests from my browser.

What can you do? Use a VPN.