Issue with A record behind proxy

So I just found out that the A record of my domain is pointing to IPs that do not match one another nor the destination I have set on the dashboard.
Right now it’s showing the index of a root folder I do not recognise.
Anyone knows if there is an issue with Cloudflare that is currently not reported?

That domain is proxied by Cloudflare, so your server’s IP address is hidden. DNS lookups will only show the public IP address of the proxy server.

If your site is not showing the correct content, make sure the IP address you’ve entered for your hostname in Cloudflare DNS is correct. Double check by comparing with the DNS records in your web hosting account.

I see that your site redirects to HTTPS. Do you have HTTPS (SSL/TLS) configured at your web host?

As it turns out, I was led to believe by my host provider that it was DNS.
What really happened is that they accidentally cloned a server and assigned the same IP as the one of my existing host hence the URL leading to the index of that other server.
All good now as I got them to fix it!
thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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