Issue with a false positive phishing report

A site my company manages has been marked as a phishing site based on a Netcraft report.

The site — — now has the “phishing site warning” before you are able to access the site.

I have informed Cloudflare and asked for a review yesterday but it is still “in review”:

Is there any way to expedite the review?

Sorry for the whiny post, but it is business critical to get the warning removed asap.


P.S. Support ticket ID: 2511490

Unfortunately neither the community or support can assist with this and it can only be addressed by Trust & Safety. You should have received an email from them when it was marked as phishing and you can reply there to follow up. If you didn’t then you can email [email protected] to open a ticket with them.


Thank you very much for your reply. Emailing them now…

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