Issue with 404.shtml page

I uploaded a 404.shtml page to the hosting site for my website but I assume this is being blocked by free Cloudflare htpps account associated with the site. The 404.shtml exceeds the 3 page requirement of free Cloudflare (the site has 3 pages plus the 404.shtml).

When a 404 is generated this loads the hosting site’s standard 404 message - which doesn’t have the return to previous page or main page links.

Other than the recommendation to stay in the 3 page limit of Cloudflare is there any solution for this 404.shtml page - any ideas would be welcome. Thank you.

Which three page requirement?

Can you post the URL and where what should appear?

Cloudflare kindly provided free ssl for the website which stated a 3 page limit, for which I am grateful. As the 404.shtml was just an error page I thought it didn’t count.
The full link does show correctly
But if a page that doesn’t exist is attempted, example: a custom host site 404 is generated -
Not sure why this is occurring, any ideas or direction would be appreciated, thank you.

Can you post where you got this limit from, as there shouldnt be anywhere such a limit.

Your case is rather a missing configuration on your server’s end. You need to specify that file somewhere in the configuration as default 404 handler.

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I appreciate your advice about the configuration on the server end Sandro, I will see if I can resolve by asking the hosting company - thank you for the kind support and advice.

I saw the 3 page limit at:

That is a limit on page rules, not pages. They are a CF feature in your dashboard.

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Ohh, page rules! These are page rules, not pages and they are unrelated to the issue at hand.

Yes, your host should be able to help you in this case.

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It seems my assumption was wrong, as I have no idea what ‘page rules’ are. I will try to study this. Thank you.

Something completely different. Page rules allow you to override certain settings based on the document URL.

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Thank you for the clarification domjh. As I mentioned to Sandro, I ave no idea what ‘page rules’ are, so assume only 3 pages will work with free ssl.

I will study this Sando, thank you for the link, it is most useful.

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