Issue with 403 Forbidden cloudflare-nginx error for https sites while requesting from perl script


After moving sites into https we are getting error like below for Cloudflare sites,
Page name [redacted]
At bottom of the page you can able to see the error.
background information : we are pulling data from [redacted] to display in webpage using perl script to display in main site, for http sites/non clodeflare sites are displaying correctly.

Please find response coming from coudeflare, please let me know how to allow our requests under cloudeflare, same issue while monitoring from siteScope monitoring system also.

#############getting infomation failed. [redacted] is: 403 Forbidden

Krishna MM

I’m not seeing the errors you are describing in your post. I also removed the multiple URLs in your post until we get a better sense of the issue. Please provide a screenshot if you can.

screenshot uploaded, please check.

I’m so far unable to reproduce this in any browsers on my Mac. Are you seeing the same on other networks, or devices?

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I’m getting that ⅔ the way down the page. It looks like it’s internally generated.

What I am noticing is the site itself is HTTPS, but that forbidden message is 403. Maybe that’s just coincidence, but is there a way to tell it to use https instead?

If I type that atom.xml URL into my browser, it does show me the feed.

atom.xml we are requesting from perl script to display in main site.
yes correct while accessing directly atom.xml from browser it was displaying correctly but not allowing to get requesting from perl script from cloudeflare with response 403.

NOTE : It is working for all non cloudeflare sites & non https sites.

Form all the networks we are getting same error.,


It is fixed after upgrading Perl LWS libs , Please close this issue as resolved. Thanks.