Issue with 123reg and cloudflare email

Hello. I am developing a new website for a client, which I am hosting on webflow.

The client purchased the domain themselves through 123reg. They then paid an agency to create them a basic website and setup their email. This agency created a website and setup their emails and hosted them on cloudflare. The 123reg default DNS records have been updated by them to point to cloudflare. so any emails are actually hosted on cloudflare. They did this by updating the name servers within 123reg.

I cannot connect the 123reg domain to my webflow hosted website, because the default nameservers have been overridden with cloudflare ones. As soon as you do that it says ‘If you change the nameservers for your domain name all DNS administration will need to completed via the nameserver provider.’ Adding the arecords and cname records hasn’t worked because of this.

Is it possible in this instance, to add the necessary a records and cname records within cloudflare? So the 123reg domain points to >> cloudflare, and cloudflare points to >> webflow?

Or, do I need to reset the nameservers to 123reg defaults, and then connect up the cloudflare email in a different way? Can the nameservers remain as 123reg ones, and then MX records be added which point to cloudflare emails?

The cloudflare account isnt in my name, so I cannot look into this and try it myself and the people I am contacting at the agency don’t seem to know the answer. If this is possible I can then try and direct them how to make the changes within their cloudflare control panel.

(You may have noticed but this kind of back-end server side stuff isn’t my strength, any help would be really appreciated)


Cloudflare doesn’t host anything. It’s just DNS which directs traffic to the right places. So just treat Cloudflare as a Third Party DNS provider.

Oh… ok that’s confusing me, because 123reg are telling me that cloudflare are the ones hosting the emails. And if I reset the 123reg nameservers back to their originals (not the cloudflare ones they’re pointing too) that the emails will stop working ?

Emails will stop working if you don’t have DNS records that point to the mail server.

Yes I understand that. And the mail server is cloudflare currently. Hence why I don’t want to have to reset the nameservers to get my website to work as it will stop their emails. I would have to rebuild their emails through 123reg.

My question is can arecords be added within cloudflare so that 123reg is pointing to cloudflare and cloud flare is then in turn pointing to my webflow site?


This is not possible. Cloudflare don’t even host the email for email.

Irrespective of who your DNS provider is, you always need to create an MX record in DNS pointing to your email server. If you are using Cloudflare for DNS, the target of the MX record must not be proxied through Cloudflare (so needs to be :grey:).

You can also create SPF and DMARC records with your DNS provider, which help minimise the use of your domain in spoofing email.

If you have DNS records for IMAP, POP3 etc. then they need to be :grey: on the Cloudflare DNS tab.

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