Issue while accessing WordPress Dashboard , unable to access the website from cloudflare

my wordpress admin page get me
Sorry, you have been blocked You are unable to access the website from Cloudflare.

I reinstall wordpress to see if the error from wordpress but it still get me the error and once i need to check it it gives me nothing…

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if you enable the under-attack feature in Cloudflare then disable it. or if you installed any security plugin wp then deactivate it. try both steps. and if you don’t want to disable the security plugin then add your IP in whitelisted.

Thanks for your reply.

I didn’t have the access to Cloudflare for this website ? and didn’t see these feature under-attack feature ?
I created a new account to see if i can access anything from Cloudflare.

I had reinstalled the wohle wordpress for my website.

How can i add My IP address in whitelisted or where ?

Do you have WordPress dashboard access?

yes I do ,

But once I log to it it gives me these error and can’t do anything ?

try this guide


Thank you for asking.

Unfortunately, there were lately topics about the identical issue and this looks to me like a malware on your WordPress as this is not a default Cloudflare page, rather an fake imitation page from Cloudflare (not real one):

See similar topics here:

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