Issue w/ New DNS Records Propagating

Recently switched to CF DNS, and very happy with it!

I recently added some records from MailChimp for and noticed after a day that they weren’t visible. I see them in the control panel but when I check dnschecker several of the records don’t show. I see 5 there, but have 9 added.

What am I missing here? The missing ones all appear to be related the DMARC/DKIM.


You have to look them up by querying for the specific subdomain, not the domain.

However, the records for and you have set the content and as TXT records. They should be CNAMEs set as “DNS only”, not proxied.

Your Google DKIM record also has \" at the start and end that need to be removed.

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Thanks! I figured it was something dumb on my part. Appreciate it.

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