Issue, Url subdirectory duplicated

Hi, I start by saying that I have 3 domains on Cloudflare, which point to the same VPS, and the same details in the domain settings (in Cloudflare dash). The problem only arises in a domain, where (automatically) the subdirectory is duplicated, ( if you want the domain in question let me know; what I don’t understand is that it only happens with one domain. Can it be a Cloudflare problem, domain hosting or what?
Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi @KeeganRL,

Could you please share the domain so we can take a closer look? :slightly_smiling_face:

the domain is
The issue is on the /ecommerce directory.

I would say your rewrite rules for /dir/dir/dir and Web app(s) which use(s) each of them could be wrongly written at the origin host / server.

Possibly due to development phase or installation process?

What error do you get? → is that the issue?

I’m redirected quite a few times if I visit

  1. 301 presumably origin "redirect to /"
  2. 301 presumably Cloudflare’s “Always HTTPS”
  3. 302 presumably origin (has set-cookie)
  4. 302 presumably origin (has set-cookie)

The first one is definitely a misconfiguration at your origin. It should not redirect to http when the request was made using https (assuming you are encrypting traffic to your origin like you should).

I’m really not sure about the third and fourth redirect so I’d recommend you take a closer look at how your origin determines when to redirect.


I use the same configuration for all the domains, and all the 3 domains are pointing on the same VPS.
And I’m getting this issue on this domain only …

Uhmm… I fixed it, the SSL/TLS encryption was Flexible, I changed it to Full and it fixed itself immediately…
Thank you guys i’m feeling so stupid :sweat_smile:

And that’s still insecure, as @albert already pointed out.


Working on it, thank you.

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