Issue troubleshooting/remediating browser integrity check

I’m having an issue with a cloud application service provider sso authentication where they are getting CloudFlare error: 1010, regarding browser integrity checks. I have a screenshot of the error, and searched the RayID (I’ve searched for several RayIDs they have given me) in the firewall event log but nothing shows up. Is there some other place I can see these sort of events being logged? In addition I did create a page rule for the url formatted as “*” but it appears not to work. Where am I going wrong?


I figured out the issue. The ‘service’ parameter in the request is URL encoded when sent to the server by the service provider application. As such, the rule url string must be URL encoded to match. Example: “*”

I still would like to know why the events for browser integrity checks are not shown in the firewall log in CloudFlare.


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