Issue to add cloudflare registered domain to namecheap hosting

I want to add Cloudflare domain registered in Cloudflare ( to Namecheap hosting. But i have message issue from domain addons from Namecheap Cpanel.
Two Error message:
1- Error: Domain validation error
2- Error: Failed to add the domain. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact your hosting provider.
Any Help

You may need to set the relevant DNS records to “DNS only” so Namecheap can see and validate them. Once validated you may be able to set them back to “Proxied”, that’s something you’ll need to test.

If proxying appears to work, then in a few months time you get an error from Cloudflare, it may be you need to use “DNS only” again for any SSL certificate renewal by Namecheap.

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Thank you Mr sjr

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