Issue setting up an email account with namecheap

Hi I am trying to setup an email address with namecheap and they have shared I need to delete the following however when I try it does not let me. We would like to let your know, that your Private Email is configured incorrectly. In order for your Private Email to work, please delete the following MX and TXT records: v=spf1 include:spf.efwd. registrar-servers. com ~all eforward1. registrar-servers. com eforward2. registrar-servers. com eforward3. registrar-servers. com eforward4. registrar-servers. com eforward5.registrar-servers. com

My domain is under groove funnels and I am trying to setup an email account with groovemail and need a private email address that is not a free one such as gmail.

Can someone please help me configure what needs to be done so I can have an email address setup with namecheap. thank you

What’s the domain?

lovecreatesfreedom dot com

Based on the amount of unrelated MX records you have, it appears that you haven’t decided where you want your domain mail to go. You need to pick only one destination for your email and delete any MX records for other destinations. This doesn’t mean that you can only have one MX record, but you cannot have a mix of records pointing to different services and ecpect your maill to arrive.


Below article could help you with it:

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I have been trying to figure it out and it seems there are no clear instructions on how to connect groove to namecheap with or without cloudfare. How do I delete the MX records and how would I know which ones to keep?

MX records tell the world where to send email destined for your domain. Keep the ones that point to your mailbox provider. If Namecheap is where you get your mailbox, their MX records are the ones you want.

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