Issue resolving routes with

I deployed my static website to ipfs and I use to link my domain to ipfs hash.
The issue is that for some unknown reason the resolver doesn’t want to resolve It returns 400 http error.

The interesting part is if I try to access, it will return 302 and will append / at the end and it will resolve to
The fix that I found is if I replace my CNAME record from to,
the issue goes away, so I suspect there is something wrong with cloudflare-ipfs resolver, specifically
with the route compliance. I wonder why is it?

App #1:
Canonical name:

App #2:
Canonical name:

available routes for test:,

hello there!

we are preventing from fetching our IPFS gateway, so you won’t be able to register on

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

It makes no sense to me your answer. According to via email, he acknowledged the issue and is working on it at

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