Issue related to the client certificate for 2 different domains under same cloudflare account

I am using cloudflare account and add 2 different domains let say, &
Now I am using the full strict mode for ssl, and enable the mTLS for both domain settings,
I have created the client certificate for and I install the certificate in my client machine, when user want to access browser asks for the authorization, and after the authorization user can access the
Now I have also created the certificates for domain, but the issue I am facing here is, the machine in which the domain certificate install that user can also access the under the same certificate as the both domains are added into the same cloudflare account.
Please let me know what could be wrong in my approch, as i want to differentiate in both domains, like the authorized user for can not access and vice versa.

Steps I followed,
I created the client certificate, and then i security I created the WAF rule the expression is below to block the user.

( in {""}) and (not cf.tls_client_auth.cert_verified)

And the same rule is set under domain.

I am using the cloudflare pro plan, please advise me accordingly.
Looking forward.

As far as I used mTLS for IoT devices, Cloudflare generates a unique CA for each account, meaning it has affect for all the zones under the same CF account.

Could be I am wrong and I might have to double-check this with two doamins and try once again for future-proof.

Since Cloudflare validates client certificates with one CA, set at account level, these certificates can be used for validation across multiple zones, as long as the zones are under the same account and mTLS has been enabled for the requested hosts. This means that (a) if you bring your own CA, you can associate it with hosts in different zones and (b) if you use Cloudflare Managed CA, this is the default behavior.

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