Issue plugin cloudflare for Wordpress

The plugin cloudflare for WordPress has been installed and activated.
When I try to add a token, the button is not active. When I click on the button, nothing happens:

When I try to go to Settings, it shows this:
download icon.

Version of Wordpress 5.4.14
Plugin version 4.12.2

The plugin is needed to activate the service “Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress”.
The service itself is paid for.
Please help.

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community!

There’s currently an outage effecting the API, Dashboard, and a few other components.

I would watch that incident and wait until it is declared fixed, and try again.

The problem remains.
How can I contact technical support?
I paid for the service, but I cannot use it.

To open a ticket with Cloudflare you would want to follow the steps outlined here