Issue on Squarespace Checkout


After running Squarespace in Cloudflare proxy mode for 2 months since 13th November /checkout stopped working today. All of the Squarespace DNS were, where allowed, proxied (orange cloud) in DNS, however I have a rule to bypass proxy for domain/checkout* with rule “Cache Level: Bypass”. This has also been there for two months.

What I am facing is that on going from /cart to /checkout the latter serves a blank page. I have resolved this by removing proxy (orange cloud), but what could have changed to cause the problem?

Thanks in advance!

If you observe blank or white pages when visiting your website, confirm whether the issue occurs when temporarily pausing Cloudflare and contact your hosting provider for assistance.

I already spoke to Squarespace, and they suggested Cloudflare wasn’t supported in this mode. I will re-enable proxy and give “Pause Cloudflare” a go later when the site is quieter and report back

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Did as you suggested.
With allowed DNS proxys on (orange cloud) turned back on: Blank Screen
With Cloudflare Paused (and waiting for DNS to expire): Works, so the next question is how to resolve…

It seems it’s not possible:

You can certainly poke around some more. Browser Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome) will usually show an error under Console or Network if something’s not working.

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I found a fix. I extended the no cache rule to disable performance. This seems to work for our site.

So the rule says domain/checkout* : Cache Level: Bypass, Disable Performance

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