Issue on adding CNAME record

I am having an issue with the Nameserver. My domain hosting is in I get some DNS record that needs to be added in But there is an ‘@’ CNAME record but in Hotmonster ‘@’ can’t be added as a CNAME record. May I get any suggestions on this?

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@ is just a shorthand for your naked domain. It is unclear why you would be creating a CNAME in some third-party DNS when you are using Cloudflare as it is unlikely to have any effect if your Cloudflare DNS is active.

If you have more questions, please share the domain name, the CNAME details, and what you are hoping to accomplish. This will allow the Community to better help you. Thanks for your feedback. The way I have been trying to solve the issue I think that’s not the proper way.

Actually, I don’t need to update my DNS record on Hotmonster. I need to update the nameserver there.

This is my domain:

I am not sure which nameserver should I update on Hotmonster.

Please let me know your suggestions on it.

Have you tried this guide from Hostmonster?

Remove any other than the two assigned to you by Cloudflare.

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