Issue of changing plan

I tried several times to change the plan to business from free plan.
But it didn’t work.

What I tried is below.

1: log in to here.

2: Click Overview.

3: Click Active Subscriptions’s Change button.

4: Click Subscription for’s Business.

5: Click Continue.

6: Click Purchase.

7: you have successfully changed plan. is Show up at the bottom of web page.

8: Reload Web page, then its plan somehow go back to free plan.

9: Then receive email quoted below.

On 2019/11/13 19:31, Cloudflare wrote:

Dear valued customer, You recently tried to purchase, change, or cancel a Cloudflare subscription. Unfortunately, due to an issue in our system, we were not able to complete the process. Please reach out to [email protected] so we can assist you with this issue. Thank you for using Cloudflare.

Is there anyway to proceed to change the plan??

If any know how to solve this problem, Could you please let me know how to change the plan???

What did Billing say when you emailed them?

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