Issue mTLS Client Certificate via official API


I’m fully aware of this topic:

and have read it and understood that you’ve exposed API endpoints in order to create client certificates on-demand via the API.

However, it’s not provided in a way that suits us as it requires CFSSL+GO etc.

However, the existence of CFSSL and options to create client certificates for use with Shield API implies that the endpoints DO in-fact exist on the official cloudFlare API.

Q1: Is the implication correct?

Q2: If the endpoints do actually exists and are exposed on the official CloudFlare API, where are they documented on this documentation page:
I don’t see it anywhere.

Q3: If they’re not documented there, is there a reason why? And so, could I ask that these endpoints are fully documented there, so that we have clear details that we can use to implement the automation of Client Certificates, for use with Shield API, in any application we desire - i.e. not forced to use CFSSL tool.

Many thanks,

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Hi Paul, sorry for the late reply,
Unfortunately, we don’t support this use case at the moment.

The API shield team, will soon lunch support on the API for use cases like that, the API Shield engineering team, working on adding more functionalities, and will be released in the near future.