Issue moving from Cloudflare account to a new Cloudflare account


Recently I pointed the nameservers from one Cloudflare account to a new Cloudflare account and found that no matter what IP is put in place for the A records on the new account, the old website still displays (we have quadruple checked that it is not a caching issue).

At that point, we tried pausing the domain on Cloudflare and that did the trick, the new website started displaying, but I would really like to use Cloudflare’s features on this domain. Does anyone know what might be causing that or what a fix may be?

Seems like you stuck in between, right?

Have you tried purging the cache for your Website?
Also, there is a way to flush your DNS records using tools like:

Maybe, due to propagation and NS change, you would need to wait for some more time to apply the changes.

Kindly, have you followed the steps from the below article?:

There is also a way to add a sub-account to your acount in case of management. Or there is some other need due to billing?

Ah, I have unfortunately already tried purging the cache and flushing the DNS records.
I have had the change in place for about a week now so I don’t think it’s a timing issue anymore, and I have indeed followed the steps laid out in that article.

I’m not sure what you mean by idea of using a sub-account though, admittedly I do have access to 2 separate Cloudflare accounts and have tried the domain in both accounts but have gotten the same issue, but yes I do need this domain to be hosted in the original account.

Ah, my account actually already has access to multiple accounts and moving this domain to said accounts has not resolved the issue.

Was this domain ever added to Cloudflare through a hosting partner?

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Not through a partner of ours but it was pointed to another Cloudflare account the is unassociated with ours, before the switch was made, as the old website is still displaying my guess is that is the cause of the issue.

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