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I just purchased a new wordpress website through Bluehost. It was automatically connected to Cloudflare rather than the Bluehost server, which I was not aware of when I purchased it. I switched the server on my account to bluehost, but now when I try to login to wordpress it says Forbidden 403 and then the words cloudflare on the screen. I need help removing my website server from Cloudflare so I can access the wordpress site.

It sounds like Bluehost has configured your site for Cloudflare and has restricted login access, or Cloudflare has detected malicious activity from your IP address.

Have you contacted Bluehost Support?

I did earlier when I was trying to activate my SSL, but they told me I would need to activate my SSL through CloudFlare which is why I initially created a CloudFlare account. I then decided it might be easier to just be on Bluehost server rather than Cloudflare and deactivate CloudFlare. After doing so I could no longer access my wordpress site.

I am reinstalling Cloudflare now to see if that fixes the issue

I have access now but I still would prefer to be on Bluehost server rather than CloudFlare. Not sure what steps to take in order to make that switch and still be able to access the wordpress site.

Cloudflare doesn’t host websites. It’s a Firewall/CDN that your site passes through.

If you don’t wish to use Cloudflare, you’ll have to set your name servers to the ones Bluehost recommends for your domain.

Okay thanks for the help.

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