Issue logging in with domain email

I need help getting back into my paid Cloudflare account… I tried fixing my DNS last Sunday Feb 12th 2023 and now my DNS for my site learneezee dot com is not functioning. I tried to long into Cloudflare several times and I think because my DNS is invalid the email address I use is not receiving the 2FA code. Please help! I’m using my personal account to write this and I hope Cloudflare support will help me before I have to cancel my pro account and start over with my old provider.

Hi @patrickb79 some recovery options here,

If those do not help, can you open an account ticket using the personal account you are using here, indicate the account email for which you are having issues, and then share the ticket number here? We’ll flag it for the team to assist.

Hi Cloonan, I have created a ticket using my personal account with Cloudflare, the ticket number is 2709492. Yes please flag this issue as I need all the help I can get to enter into my business account with Cloudflare.