Issue loading OpenVPN external site when proxied

Setting up an OpenVPN server and have everything setup. Site loads just fine when not proxied other than security issue:

I can login and everything looks and works great.
When I proxy through cloudflare, the login panel stretches out to the edge of the screen all the forms and the login button disappears. (Unable to screenshot as new users can only add 1 photo to a post)

I feel like I could be missing something but I have adjusted as much as I could think of and could use some advice.

Here is the screenshot of the broken page.

For whatever reason, a bunch of your JS and CSS files 302 redirect to:

Do you have any Page Rules set up?

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I don’t have anything special setup for the site. I did realized before wrapping up last night that caching appears to be what it breaking the site. If I turn on dev mode, works just fine. Turning it off breaks the site even after multiple purges.

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So I guess I hit a bit of a moot point here.

Looks like proxying the VPN domain causes the VPN to not work.

So it looks like I will have to use DNS only. Now I need to find out how to get a cert that will work for a non-proxy site from cloudflare.

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