Issue is regarding connecting the cloudflare hosting without changing nameservers in Godaddy domain

Hello Community,
I’m new here. Domain name is in Godaddy. Hosting plan is in Hostinger which supports Cloudflare CDN for faster websites and security.
IT guy says that he needs the nameservers to be in Godaddy itself and doesn’t want to change them.
So, Is there any way where we can point the domain from Godaddy to Cloudflare? As of now I’m using free version of Cloudflare.

Nope. The domain’s name servers MUST be Cloudflare’s in order to take advantage of their CDN/WAF etc benefits.

I’d recommend talking with the IT guy and just letting him know that he can have a login to manage DNS too. It really shouldn’t be a big deal for him.

It’s possible on the business or enterprise plan:

Personally I wouldn’t want to run my DNS at GoDaddy, but different horses for different courses I suppose.

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Yes. Finally he wants me to change the MX records for the emails, so that he can have control over the client’s emails. It’s something related to healthcare and they have their protocols and compliance issues.

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