Issue in using quic cloud for dynamic caching & Cloudflare for static pages

I am using quic cloud with lightspeed cache on my website. i just wanted to server dynamic content from quic cloud & use Cloudflare to handle all static resources like images.

I routed my dns to quic cloud using dns of Cloudflare. but the issue is that Cloudflare is also caching the dynamically generated data.

Please see my page of washing machine prices.

is there some way to stop Cloudflare from store my dynamic data ?

Yes ofc course there are ways. But you would have to be able to define what is dynamic and what not.
You are showing a JS file, which I would consider static (just like Cloudflare did).
Cloudflare caches these fileextensions by default, if they are in the URL.
If these files you want to define as dynamic for Cloudflare all are located in one folder, you can simply use a PageRule to set this folder (and all in it) as “Cache Level: Bypass” as described here:

But on the other hand I think you don’t have to do that, since when LightSpeed creates a new file at least one of these things change:

  • querystring
  • filename (and therefore the URL)

As Cloudflare caches on URL base you don’t need to exclude these cache file from Cloudflares cache, but just choose the right querystring setting. If you do this you even profit from Cloudflares cache on these files as it’s faster to deliver them from Cloudflare than bypass, as it adds another hop and proxies it from LightSpeed/

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