Issue in adding the IP CIDR while creating the Application

I have a use case of accessing the AWS private resources while connecting to the WARP
Steps followed for current set up

  • Created a private tunnel which points to the private VPC CIDR

  • Make sure that this IPs is not in the split tunnel configuration which is set to be in the Exclude mode

  • Followed this doc for setting the application for accessing the private resources
    (only tried to access one host/Ip from the application ) And able to access the application pointing to that IP after connecting the warp client from my local.

  • Further I need to create Application for the entire VPC CIDR range
    for that created a network policy as mentioned in the doc

But not able to create an application with the VPC private CIDR. Showing that it is an “Invalid IP”

Focusing on this part of the above doc

Only if I am able to create the application with the private VPC CIDR i can able to conncet to which ever resources under that via WARP

I think we cannot create Application with and IP CIDR range, But can create a network policy with the whole Ip range and attach this policy while creating the Private application.

I need to access the Redis and RDS Postgres in my private subnet directly from my machine if warp is connected. It is not practical to point the RDS and Redis to a particular single IP in the VPC CIDR range and create the application using that IP