Issue getting flexible SSL on Wordpress Site

I am trying to get one of my wordpress sites on Cloudflare Flexible SSL.

I am having issues after changing the nameservers over. When everything is updated and I install Flexible SSL plugin on the site I am getting an issue of the site not being secure. Safari is saying that someone is impersonating my site, etc.

There is also a red https in the top left corner. Any help on why this may be is appreciated. The SSL does say it was activated as well.


Impersonating or not fully secure? It might be a mixed content issue (for that, search the forum) or something different. Can you post the domain?

It’s not making sense to me as to why it’s doing this. I have done these exact steps on 3 other sites with no issues. Very confused here.

Your site is not set up to go through Cloudflare. The TLS issue you get is because of a self-signed certificate on your own server.

Is there a way to get rid of that SSL and have this one implement? I don’t know how that would be a self signed SSL.

You have setback the original name server? I am also using godaddy and got no issue.

try to follow this instruction.

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Yes, simply request an origin certificate from Cloudflare via the control panel and replace your current one.

A self-signed certificate is a certificate which has not been signed (vouched for) by an officially trusted certificate authority but which signed itself. That is technically a valid certificate, but not a trusted one hence the error.

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