ISSUE: Geolocated pages cached across all edge server locations

Cloudflare PRO + Wordpress APO

On our site, we have a footer bar that swaps out based on a visitor’s geolocation. I seem to recall, in previous testing, edge caches would load the content based on whichever geo first went through Cloudflare, then would load the correct geo on subsequent page loads, as if the edge servers primed their cache using the CF network and then reached out to the origin server in the background. We considered this sub-optimal, but acceptable.

The last few days, we’ve noticed that these footers are acting sporadic. Different pages will have different geolocated content served up “at random” based on whoever primed the cache and it does not ever resolve to the localized content. The website is obviously getting proper geo through Cloudflare, as it’s serving different content and CF is caching the wrong versions. Bypassing the CF cache via hard refresh from worldwide VPN locations loads the content properly.

Is there something we’re doing wrong here? Caching level standard, IP Geolocation setting is on.

Example pages, currently returning:
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Additional Examples:

Is it working fine without APO?

If it is working fine without APO then it might be because APO caches a page from one location and save it to all the other edge location. It doesn’t cache a page per an edge location. It is simply replicated. So the random footer content you see is because of where the APO request is first made. This is what I think. I maybe wrong.

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