Issue from Russia

Our website is not visible from russia. Have you got any suggestion?

Did you update your DNS recently?

I think no…why?

Usually takes some time to update. What is your domain?

We didn’t do nothing. We received a message by our users that are not able to see the website…

If I try adding a third level domain that point directly to the vps it could be a valid test?
thank you

Although the nameservers are correct. :orange: is not activated, and traffic is not handled by Cloudflare.

I have disabled it right now to do a test…I don’t know how to solve the issue

The issue is related to Cloudflare ips.
As soon we have disabled the cdn all works fine.

Activate Cloudflare, and then let us know which IP is given to your address.

I’m not in russia…

Some ISPs in Russia block Cloudflare IP addresses.

What error are your visitors seeing?

the website was completely unreacheable… After I disabled Cloudflare all works fine but we need the cdn…

we have enabled the cdn and we check that the blocked ip is you can see it filling in the form here

Good to know that checker exists. So it’s an ISP issue.

I tested several ips used by Cloudflare :orange: and they are not blocked, but is, because of a different domain.

My suggestion is that you contact :orange: Cloudflare Support and request a different IP address range allocated to your website, this should work.

the questions myself too, no experiences?

we are moving to another service…

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