Issue forwarding non www to www

issue forwarding non www to www
my domain i created page rule forward* to 301 permanent but not working
please support


Please make sure you have both records for www and root on your Cloudflare DNS dashboard and both record on PROXIED. All Cloudflare serviced (like page rules/redirect rules) need the records to be proxied to work.

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i added the cname www
what is record root how i add it

Based on your desired outcome of forwarding from the root to www you can create a record without an actual origin.

Add only a AAAA record for the name @ with the address of 100:: and make sure that it is :orange: Proxied.

still not working

Your DNS looks fine. Please share a screenshot of your Redirect Rule so we can check it for you.

That’s a Page Rule. While it is possible to use those to redirect, they will be retired in the future and I would prefer not to expend time with them when the Redirect Rule is already available. Please delete that Page Rule and follow example number one in this guide.

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Thank you very much for support

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You’re welcome. I’m glad to see you got the redirect working the way you want.

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