Issue creating Github org domain verification TXT record


I am trying to create a Github org page verification TXT record. The issue is that the domain name is being auto stripped out so I can’t get it to save correctly.

I am trying to create a TXT record as supplied by Github of but this is stripped in the DNS records control panel to just _github-challenge so it won’t verify. Is there a workaround to this?


So you want to create a TXT record _github-challenge-polygram-tech for your domain and Cloudflare strips the -polygram-tech part?

That sounds like a bug. @cloonan, @cs-cf?

Also, open a support ticket at

Hi @garethtdavies, I am able to add that on desktop without an issue, will try on mobile. Are you trying to add this while on desktop or mobile? I’d try from desktop and I’d log out and log back in and try again. If you open a ticket, please share the number.

@cloonan, I can confirm @garethtdavies’ observation. It does strip out the domain-like (hyphen instead of dot) part when it appears at the end of a CNAME.

I might be completely wrong, but that looks to me almost like an unescaped dot in a regular expression

'_github-challenge-polygram-tech'.replace(/$/, '')

instead of

'_github-challenge-polygram-tech'.replace(/polygram\.tech$/, '')

Yes this makes sense. I can add _github-challenge-polygramtech but any single character after makes the whole domain part get stripped so _github-challenge-polygramx-tech works but _github-challenge-polygramxtech gets removed.

Just to confirm this is happening on TXT records for me albeit I imagine this validation applies to all records via the DNS control panel.

I opened a support ticket so this can be documented. Number is 1627214.

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I just tried with my domain and a temporary workaround is including the domain name at the end twice (exactly the way Github gives it to you)


Excellent point!

Aha thanks! This does indeed work as a temp fix. Issue is if you then place the focus on the name field of that record it once again strips it out so it does need to be fixed properly :+1:

It definitely does, but for the meantime @Judge’s workaround should work fix it for now :+1:

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