Issue Connecting Email to Customer Service Ticketing Solution

I can’t connect our ticketing solution (Freshdesk) via IMAP. Despite entering correct information, I’m consistently encountering errors : “Error checking inbox IMAP information. Please verify the server name, port, and credentials.” “Error authenticating SMTP server. Please ensure the server name and port are correct.” I am confident that there are no errors on my end regarding the accuracy of the provided information.
Thank you for your help.

If you don’t provide any specific information, I can just recommend that you make sure all DNS records used for email are set to DNS-Only, not proxied.

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If you need further help, at a minimum, provide your domain name, and your email service provider.

(Note that Cloudflare’s own Email Routing service is not suitable for this: it’s for receiving only – so no SMTP server to send FROM, and does not have any mailboxes… so no IMAP server to retrieve email from.)

Your domain is using Shopify (so “DNS only” for web) and none of the usual mail subdomains are setup up and proxied so it doesn’t seem like any Cloudflare configuration is causing your issue (unless you are connecting to another subdomain for mail that is proxied)…

That IP address is on Amazon, you’ll need to check with your mail provider.


Thank you for the quick reply. So if I’m understanding this correctly, I need to see with Titan what’s wrong?