Issue changing nameserver from Godaddy to cloudflare

Hi everyone.
Been trying to find other issues similar to mine and some are close but I’d really appreciate any help.
I’m new to changing nameservers and hope it’s a simple fix.

I bought two domains on Godaddy and am trying to point them to Cloudflare.
I added the sites to my CF account and went through the process of adding the cloudflare nameservers to the DNS records on Godaddy. Mistake #1 was to not delete godaddy’s NS records. hand on face
Godaddy also asked for IP address when inputing the nameservers. I then used to find the IP addresses for and these were the ones that came up and respectively.

Now the domain names appear on CF and say active on my home page but if I click on a domain and go to manage domain on the overview page, I get the following:
Not on Cloudflare



and I can no longer alter DNS records on Godaddy.
Any help would be hugely appreciated.

The nameservers were confirmed yesterday but it looks like they were changed away from cloudflare.

You need to change these with your domain registrar, if that’s godaddy, they you need to change them again. If you did not change them away from cloudflare, you may want to have the conversation with your registrar as to why they changed.

Okay, Thanks for that Cloonan. I will get hold of Godaddy.

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