Issue between Cloudflare, Go Daddy and Wordpress

I have a wordpress website and I have Cloudflare setup. My domain is held with Go Daddy. I added Nitropack and my website isnt showing any cache status. I reached out to Nitropack and they stated this:
Boyan (NitroPack)

Jul 27, 2022, 17:30 GMT+3

Hello Chris,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

When attempting to optimize a page on our end, we receive a Redirect status error, however upon further checking the redirects for your website, there appear to be none.

That leads me to believe that there might be an ongoing propagation for your domain name, which can result in the error you are seeing in the Wordpress Admin area.

You would be able to double check the domain propagation [here]

In case you have not recently made any DNS changes to your domain, I would suggest checking with your hosting provider if everything is in order in the DNS Zone.

In case you have made changes to the domain DNS, please allow a bit of time for the propagation period to pass (usually 24 hours) and try to start the optimizations once again.

When I go into Cloudflare the DNS matches what im showing under Go Daddy for DNS nameservers. Im very confused on how to fix this.

I am new to this and my website had been working fine until recent.

What’s your domain?

Letmeplanyourvacation . com

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