Issue at cloudflare routing? Greece

Hello, i see very low load speed, many 522 errors and when the page load, some pictures never loaded. Is cloudflare have an issue right now? My Location is Greece and servers are in Germany

We see a lot of issues with CF today, 522 and bad performance, our servers are in Germany. Waiting for CF support reply…

Many many 522 errors here too. Server in Germany.

still without update or reply from CF?


Same issue here. EU

I have the same problems.

Hi guys,

I’m also in Greece with servers in Germany and I have these kind of issues today.
So what’s going on? I assume @M4rt1n, the issue is not completely fixed yet.

Sorry but I just forwanred the official thread.

I’m not as member of Cloudflare NOR I’m a moderator here. I’m just a normal community member like you.

If thee are still any issues pls contact Cloudflare directly via support and let them know things ae not right.

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