Issue After Switching DNS to Cloudflare

After switching my DNS over to Cloudflare I have had issues in my Wordpress site. It will not load my logo on the top right to click on for my home page.

It also has all my content taken off full wide screen. Narrow now.

When I try to go in to fix these issues in WP-ADMIN it shows it the way I had it and when I get out it turns into the same issues. Which means it doesnt have my logo and its in narrow screen.

Any tips to get this issue fixed? Website is

Brendan Conner

That’s caused by Mixed Content errors:


Thank you! Much Appreciated. I will see if that fixes the issue.

It looks like it fixed the Desktop Mode but not the Mobile Mode. Any further steps to get this corrected?

I have a problem with my mobile site not looking correct. it is not full width and missing my logo. also the menu is not working.

any help?

Thats rather a question for StackExchange.


Have an issue after switching over to Cloudflare. My mobile does not seem to be populating the same. Such as the menu does not work to take me to the next page, It is not full width, and logo for home page is not populating.

Error is in mobile view.
Any tips to fix.


Your browser’s Dev Tools is the place to troubleshoot rendering issues. F12 in Chrome.

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Alright. How do I fix that issue? Im not sure why it just changed like that.

It looks like an issue with the lazy loading plugin. I don’t know anything about wordpress, so you should ask on a forum.

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