Issue adding an A name record

I’m trying to set up caprover and using Cloudflare as my dns but can’t set up a wildcard like I need to here:

tep 2: Connect Root Domain

Let’s say you own . You can set * as an A-record in your DNS settings to point to the IP address of the server where you installed CapRover. Note that it can take several hours for this change to take into effect. It will show up like this in your DNS configs:

  • TYPE : A record
  • HOST : *.something
  • POINTS TO : (IP Address of your server)
  • TTL : (doesn’t really matter)

Wildcards are supported just fine, but they cannot be proxied, except for the Enterprise plan.

Can you post a screenshot of what you tried to configure? And what’s the domain?

I’m on step two: Getting Started · CapRover

And this is what I have so far:

Nevermind got it to work.

Hi @user2271
Am following the same tutorial.
How did you fix it?

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