Issue Activating CDN on Cloudflare - DNS Error with Hostinger CDN in Hosting

I have purchased domains through Cloudflare and am hosting my websites on Hostinger. The problem arises when I try to activate the CDN (Content Delivery Network) for my websites on Cloudflare. During the activation process, I receive an error message stating that the DNS is not pointed to Hostinger.

It’s important to note that despite this error, my websites are currently functioning properly. However, I believe that enabling the CDN would be beneficial for optimizing their performance and loading times.

I initially reached out to Hostinger’s support team to address this matter. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, the issue remains unresolved. They were unable to provide a solution to this specific problem and suggested that I contact Cloudflare’s support for further assistance.

Hello raghoobokam

Can you please clarify some points?

  • what is the domain name? Is it a Cloudflare Registrar domain?
  • what is the exact error message been return

You can also create a support ticket, and we’ll have a further look on your request.



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