ISP's doesn't like

Hey there!

Wow… Its been a month that I’ve switched to DNS…
And I guess Act fiber(ISP) guys aren’t liking it.
So they’ve dropped my bandwidth, i was getting about 400Kbps for downloads
and Yes… Iv’e Checked with all the speed tests and almost with all servers nearby

Anyway… Now switched back to the Default DNS and I’m getting 25 Mbps 🤦‍♂

That’s really weird, considering DNS is just a lookup that has nothing to do with bandwidth.

Have you tried other DNS like, or

Yes that’s weird, and this clearly explains the fact that They Sell our lookup’s, Queries
We are being Monitored
Anyway i’ll try the google’s DNS and report back

My guess would be the usual EDNS subnet issue.

The problem is that Cloudflare boasts of being the fastest DNS … but it is not according to the performance of geo-location …
All this is because they do not want to enable EDNS (ECS) because it is not safe for them …
That is why Google dns are still better at the level of geo-location performance, since they have enabled this function.


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Repeating myself…