ISP visibility/I.D. with Firefox & DoH

I probably just do not understand at all how these things work but here goes…

I have configured Firefox to use DoH with When I run the test here or I run it from sites like this it is able to see my ISP… If I use a test like this it tells me that my ISP is Cloudflare… Of interest also is that they sites that show my actual ISP display a different IP address for me than the sites that list Cloudflare as my ISP.

What does this mean? Why do some tests show one IP address and my actual ISP while others show Cloudflare and a different IP address?

Thank you!

The first ones are only testing your Internet connection from home. Those should be your home IP address from your ISP. The third one is a DNS test, and your DNS ISP is Cloudflare. So…someone like Warner Cable may be your Internet Connection provider, and would normally be your DNS provider as well, but now you’re using Cloudflare’s DNS services.

DoH is not going to hide your source IP address. You would need a secure VPN for that.


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