ISP throttling or something else?

Greetings folks.
I see an unexplained latency when using the & DNS servers.

$>time dig
; Query time: 52 msec
;; WHEN: Wed May 22 00:39:51 IST 2019
;; MSG SIZE rcvd: 128

real 0m1.062s /*+1 sec delay visible */
user 0m0.004s
sys 0m0.006s

This is true for any domain when using these DNS. When I switch to my local ISP DNS things are superfast:

@>time dig
;; Query time: 2 msec
;; WHEN: Wed May 22 00:40:31 IST 2019
;; MSG SIZE rcvd: 565

real 0m0.013s
user 0m0.006s
sys 0m0.004s

Is this the local ISP messing around or something else? the odd thing is that query time is in ~50msec always yet total time exceeds 1sec. Browsing is badly affected with browser displaying “resolving host” routinely.
Thanks for any tips on tackling this.

This is not a good way of benchmarking DNS. Use some tool like namebench.


Going off of what @Xaq said, but time only measure the time it takes for the command to complete something like namebench, GRC’s DNS benchmark, etc will help you find the best nameserver.

If you find that results besides your ISPs are all slower then they might be throttling.