Isp force me to use their dns

hey there im from indonesia i casually using google dns for video i saw in news past 2 week my isp prevent me from using costom dns and force me to use their dns is there any way to bypass that i already use dns crypt, dns over https, dns over tls even buy premium vpn i mean even premium vpn very slow my download speed from 2 mbps drop to 200 kbps

DNS-over-HTTPS cannot be spoofed.

It can be blocked, but once it is connected it cannot be intercepted. If you are successfully using DNS-over-HTTPS (Cloudflare or another reputable provider) then you’ve succeeded and your ISP can no longer intercept or change your DNS responses.

DNS is different from a VPN. A VPN routes all of your traffic through a VPN server which can definitely slow down your connection (especially if it’s already slow, which it sounds like it is). DNS-over-HTTPS shouldn’t slow down your connection too much.

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