Isolated Web Browsing Policies

We have a production network (VLAN) which strictly has not Internet access via an explicit Firewall rule ‘block everything’. This is because we undergo security audits and handle certain sensitive content.

We are now however allowed to provide a degree of Internet web browsing inside the production network, provided we use browser isolation.

I have the Warp client and browser isolation all setup and working on a network outside of our production network for testing purposes - this test network has Internet access.

My query here is how can a policy be created to simply Isolate all web traffic and if so how as there does not seem to be obvious options in the expressions area of the http policy to isolate all traffic?
Also, I’d like to restrict specific file types for upload/download, can anyone steer me on how to achieve this as again, there is nothing obvious in the expression area to do this?

Many thanks in advance.

Well the production VLAN probably shouldn’t have unfettered access to the internet.

All traffic? Like this –

But you should probably first create a series of rules which block all traffic not explicitly allowed. File type download can be similarly restricted…

This isn’t going to work if you’re not on the local console for those machines (e.g. you won’t be able to RDP into one of those machines and then use browser isolation).

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Thanks for your response. The * wildcard to isolate everything doesn’t work. I get the following error:

Error configuring your policy: invalid regex pattern: regex parse error: * ^ error: repetition operator missing expression

Try .*?

Sorted, thank you

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