Is zScaler a threat?

I recently upgraded from the Pro to the Business plan because I’m currently trying to fend off a scraping attack. The Business plan provides access to more data behind the Super Bot Fight mode. I’m still exploring so not really sure the extra money is worth it yet BUT via the Bots section it did provide me some valuable insight into ASNs that are being caught and classified under Machine Learning or Not Computed.

One of those ASVs is zScaler: AS22616 - ZSCALER-SJC1

I’m trying to understand if they are a threat by allowing actors to proxy through their network. If that’s the case, then I’d like to block them but not before I understand if there are legit users coming from there.

In other insights that SBF mode provided, I’ve noticed a TON of users from Comcast and AT&T that are classified as Bots. I’m guessing residential machines or IOT devices are being ghosted and taken over to funnel traffic?

Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks all.

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