Is Zaraz Consent enabled for free plans or not?


I’ve been triying to implement GDPR cookie consent all by myself, but now I’ve seen on this page that to call popup / modal (zaraz.showConsentModal()) one needs to be on paid plan… is this correct?

I’m puzzled becase Zaraz is enabled on all plans…as stated here

p.s. I’ve tested and noticed network activity for example if I use this code:


Thanks, Kres

Hey Kres,
The page you’ve linked to doesn’t mention zaraz.showConsentModal(). This method is available for everyone to use, on all plans.

zaraz.track() will always trigger network activity. Using the Consent features doesn’t change that, it just changes the result - without consent, tools that require consent will not load.

Hey @yoav_zaraz

thank you very much for help , I got it working – this was my oversight,


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