Is Wrangler v3 dropping support for ia32?

currently trying to update from v2 to v3 right now, using npm to install i got the error message npm ERR! Error: Unsupported platform: win32 ia32 LE

i know v3 were just released like half a year ago, but why ia32 platform is lacking support?
is it best for me to just stay on using v2?

I didn’t know people still had cpus that old. But yes,wrangler 3 comes with a workerd binary and one was not built for 32bit Windows. Wrangler 1 didn’t support it either, 2 only worked because it happened to not rely on any native binaries.

I don’t imagine this will ever be reconsidered given that these cpus are super old, Windows 10 will be discontinued in Oct 2025 and Windows 11 doesn’t support 32bit cpus. If your cpu is 64bit I suggest moving to 64bit Windows for better software support. And if you’re running a 64bit version of Windows, make sure your Node.js install is too.